Friday, 1 April 2011

The Pledge.

Unpainted Aleph Miniatures:

Dakini Tacbot x3
Deva w/ Combi Rifle
Garuda Tacbot w/ Combi Rifle
Myrmidon x4
Naga Hacker
Rebot x2

So, 16 models in total. What to paint first is tricky but first some ground rules.

1. I fully intend to purchase the remaining miniatures, if not at Salute then over the coming months. I am also committed to starting a 'Very British Civil War' and maybe Mantic Orcs for Kings of War. I will also purchase any new Aleph releases that Corvus Belli produce during the time of my pledge.

2. Should the unthinkable happen and I finish painting it all then I may well get a Nomad army as well (weak I know).

Right the order:

Naga Hacker (He is in all my lists as I use remotes)
Dakini x3

These are first as they are my 150 point demo list. I will work out the order for the rest when these are completed.

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