Saturday, 30 April 2011

Cutlass - My thoughts

At Salute 2010 I visited the Black Scorpion stand to pick up some Orc Pirate miniatures they had produced for use in Mordheim as there are unofficial pirate and Orc lists I fancied trying.

Fast-forward 12 months and Black Scorpion have their own game on Sale that I can use those figure in. I played my first game yesterday so here are my thoughts. Just to say I don't own the rules so all this is from memory.

Firstly, I like the way orders work. You roll on your Authority which appears to be d8 for all starting leaders. This is how many action points you have with the highest roll taking first turn. The number of action points you have is how many models you can activate in that round and once done you drop down to the next level i.e.; You roll a 6, you activate 6 models and then you have 5 points left. You activate 5 models then have 4 points left and so on.

You can be interrupted in your turn, either by your opponent spending an order with a suitable model ( I think it was within 6" of an order being spent) or with a model that is ready, which causes your turn to end and they begin theirs. This did cause me to lose a few turns as I activated the wrong model first allowing my opponent, RobN, to steal the turn. A nice touch but annoying when it happens.

Secondly, I liked the dice mechanic. Each stat has a type of dice attributed to it; d4,d6 and d8 making up my army. Being wounded causes you to drop down to the next lowest dice with a minimum of d4. The other nice touch is that you keep rolling if you get the max roll - you roll a 4 on a d4 and you roll again adding it to the first roll, roll another 4 and roll again until you roll another number. This can allow for some lucky rolls to beat an opponent with a higher dice value.

Combat, ranged and melee, is based on opposing rolls. Range is ACC vs DEX and melee is COM vs COM. Nice and straightforward with the rolls going to a table to see if its a hit, a crit or straight to wounded. Damage is either the DAM of the model in melee or the weapon in range vs CON, again referring to a chart for the result.

I enjoyed the sprint rule which involved a d6 roll of 4,5,6 to achieve which caused one of my Orcs to become stunned on my first turn and he stayed that way the whole game being unable to shake it off in the maintenance phase needing a 1,2,3 to do it.

Post game progression of your gang is based on models you affected during the game and the one thing I would suggest is to make a table with the relevant things in columns and your models down the side so you can keep track. A roll on a table if you increase a level allows for attribute increases or new skills as you would expect.

All in all it was a very enjoyable game. I kept my Orc admiral hidden at the back and really wish I had gotten him stuck in but didn't like the thought of him getting injured as he is my only painted mini so far ;-)

There you go, a brief introduction but I tried to mention the main points (that I remember anyway). I look forward to playing again in the not too distant future. Good luck to Black Scorpion with the venture.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Another new building

Here's the second new building for my Infinity table.
You can see it complete, with the upper roof removed and with the upper floor removed.

What do you think? I am happy with how it has turned out.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A new building

Today I have been working on a new building to go with some interior bits I have. I have built this with some ready-made alcoves for shooting from and a ladder at the rear for roof access.

Just need to make the roof.


When I unpacked my Bakunin last night for the 2v2 game I was playing I noticed that the barrel on one of my Moderators Combi Rifles had snapped off.

Luckily the offending item was still in my KR case and this morning I drilled, pinned and fixed the bugger.

Once painted it should be unnoticeable (I hope).

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The little things.

Finally painted some of my Antenociti scatter terrain for my Infinity table, some nice bins.

Quick update.

Added a few photos to the slideshow including some old Rackham metals.

Spending today building some terrain bits that I bought at Salute ready for tonight's game, another 2v2 to teach a new player. 2 Combined Army players vs Ariadna and myself. I just can't decide between ALEPH and Nomads.

In other news I appear to have lost the Nova-Rus 4x4 Jeep that I bought from Antenociti at Salute. My most expensive purchase has just vanished... :-(

I have been looking at another players Infinity board and he has buildings of various height that aren't multi level. I am thinking of adopting this tactic and just having a few buildings that you can enter. We shall see.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Layout changes.

Finally got around to adding a slideshow - just trying to find some decent photos of my minis now. There aren't that many to be honest.

Friday, 22 April 2011

A picture speaks...

May try and include pictures with the posts in future

ALEPH Update

Started applying the basecoat to my ALEPH Marut - here's hoping I don't knock the arms off again.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Back on track.

I had some comments on how to get out of the rut I had found myself in and Simon suggested painting something different so I did.

I present to you the Orc Admiral by Black Scorpion for their new game - Cutlass.

He has made a nice change from the Infinity stuff and has renewed my intent to get all my ALEPH stuff painted soon.

Oh Dear.

Three days later and still nothing painted. I have hit a wall and I need to break through. Help me.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Post Salute Slowdown

I am now in a bit of a post-Salute slump. I have managed to build the Marut that I purchased on the day but also want to build the terrain elements that I bought in time for my next game . This means the painting is on the back burner.

Thankfully I don't feel I regret any of my purchases which is certainly different to last year.

OK, stop typing and back to the desk, these things don't build and paint themselves sadly.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Lighting Issues

Not sure if its my camera or my lights but my photos of my minis never seem to show all the highlights. Something I need to work on obviously.

Asura (Nearly)

The base needs painting but other than that she is done.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

First Dakini Finished.

With the base painted and mini varnished I can't believe I have painted 2 minis in about a week.

All your bases are unpainted.

The base is unfinished, the bulb blew in one of my lamps causing the lamp to short out, I paint like a monkey that holds a brush up its nostril.

Any of these excuses can be used with this mini but that is it for now, I will take a new photo when I replace my lamp.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Getting there.

Nearly finished my first Dakini.
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On the bench 8-4-11

The Dakini have had a basecoat, wash and one has started to get main colour back on. Not much but at least there's paint flowing.
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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

2v2 Demo Game.

Well last night we played our 2v2 game. ALEPH and PanOc Military Orders(A&P) vs Ariadna and CA(A&C) (Can't think why they would help each other, lets say the Ariadna player had been sepsitorized).

Our table was set out as below.

Twitter-feed has pointed out that more low level terrain is needed before anyone jumps in - this should be rectified at Salute hopefully  ;)

The A&P both had TO cam to place so we put our minis down and took photos before removing them

I took one half of the board with my ALEPH and John (the new learner) to his PanOc on the right.

The Deva Lt, Devabot and Dakini moved up the left of the board.

John moved his PanOc to the right.

In their turn the CA moved up to tackle the ALEPH.

The Ariadna Scouts laid some mines and then took cover.

At this point I got carried away with the game and demo and forget to take photos apart from one that really needed to be taken.

The CA then proceeded to lose 3 models to some really lucky ARO shots and appalling armour rolls and the left looked like it belonged to ALEPH. The other side of the board was nasty as John, a lifelong player of armies that run forward and hits things, decided to run headlong and try to hit things, ignoring all the advice I was giving him.

Given the luck the CA player, Dave, was having it was down to Ariadna, Andy, to try and salvage something. Unfortunately for me another scout on my side of the board managed to take out my Deva Lt reducing me to two orders the following turn. It went downhill from there.

The last photo I remembered to take was a moment of epic miscalculation on my part. Trying to kill the last CA model to make them route I landed my Garuda, passed the PH roll - no mean feat and then proceeded to get a lucky ARO shot in the face for my troubles from a Morat I hadn't realised was there.

I begin my retreat followed by PanOc falling back and we called it there.

A really fun game and my thanks to Dave, Andy and John for a fun night. Hopefully we can reel a few more players in as we go along.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Try again.

Some feedback said I should try more obvious edge highlights so here goes.

A finished mini.

Who would have thought it would happen.

This is to show the magnetised tail in action.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Skin Colour.

With the Deva getting slowly painted (quick for me) I have been struggling to pick a skin colour. I want them to look human but still be apart from human if that makes sense.

To that end I have settled on Vallejo 70847 Dark Sand and I will try 70837 Pale Sand as a highlight colour.

Photos may appear at some point.

Friday, 1 April 2011

And so it begins.

Basecoat on the Deva but struggling to decide on a skin tone.
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State of play

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Here's where we are at the moment then. The Dasyus and the Garuda arrived today, that's why one is bare metal and one is a pile of metal.

I have been testing colours on the Dakini which is why they have paint on them.

Better stop blogging and get glueing and painting.

The Pledge.

Unpainted Aleph Miniatures:

Dakini Tacbot x3
Deva w/ Combi Rifle
Garuda Tacbot w/ Combi Rifle
Myrmidon x4
Naga Hacker
Rebot x2

So, 16 models in total. What to paint first is tricky but first some ground rules.

1. I fully intend to purchase the remaining miniatures, if not at Salute then over the coming months. I am also committed to starting a 'Very British Civil War' and maybe Mantic Orcs for Kings of War. I will also purchase any new Aleph releases that Corvus Belli produce during the time of my pledge.

2. Should the unthinkable happen and I finish painting it all then I may well get a Nomad army as well (weak I know).

Right the order:

Naga Hacker (He is in all my lists as I use remotes)
Dakini x3

These are first as they are my 150 point demo list. I will work out the order for the rest when these are completed.


While chatting to a fellow gamer on Twitter I came across the hashtag warmongerpledge. Turns out that it is a pledge to try to make you want to paint that pile of metal you are hoarding like a dragon.

Well, I have too many things that I buy that sit in boxes for ever, my recent Hordes Minions army a prime example which never got unpacked and has now been sold to pay for Salute 2011. As Infinity has taken hold of my interest for more than a few weeks now I have decided to join the pledgers and add my own to their little gathering.

Once I have worked out a plan I will add it below.