Wednesday, 6 April 2011

2v2 Demo Game.

Well last night we played our 2v2 game. ALEPH and PanOc Military Orders(A&P) vs Ariadna and CA(A&C) (Can't think why they would help each other, lets say the Ariadna player had been sepsitorized).

Our table was set out as below.

Twitter-feed has pointed out that more low level terrain is needed before anyone jumps in - this should be rectified at Salute hopefully  ;)

The A&P both had TO cam to place so we put our minis down and took photos before removing them

I took one half of the board with my ALEPH and John (the new learner) to his PanOc on the right.

The Deva Lt, Devabot and Dakini moved up the left of the board.

John moved his PanOc to the right.

In their turn the CA moved up to tackle the ALEPH.

The Ariadna Scouts laid some mines and then took cover.

At this point I got carried away with the game and demo and forget to take photos apart from one that really needed to be taken.

The CA then proceeded to lose 3 models to some really lucky ARO shots and appalling armour rolls and the left looked like it belonged to ALEPH. The other side of the board was nasty as John, a lifelong player of armies that run forward and hits things, decided to run headlong and try to hit things, ignoring all the advice I was giving him.

Given the luck the CA player, Dave, was having it was down to Ariadna, Andy, to try and salvage something. Unfortunately for me another scout on my side of the board managed to take out my Deva Lt reducing me to two orders the following turn. It went downhill from there.

The last photo I remembered to take was a moment of epic miscalculation on my part. Trying to kill the last CA model to make them route I landed my Garuda, passed the PH roll - no mean feat and then proceeded to get a lucky ARO shot in the face for my troubles from a Morat I hadn't realised was there.

I begin my retreat followed by PanOc falling back and we called it there.

A really fun game and my thanks to Dave, Andy and John for a fun night. Hopefully we can reel a few more players in as we go along.

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