Sunday, 17 July 2011

Don't judge me - help me.

Okay, fine, I admit it. I am not the worlds best blogger. All the good intention in the world doesn't make these posts happen.

I have two options - I wait until I have something to say that is worthwhile or I post little and often (like Rimmer during sex).

What do I do then? One post a week that is an update or one every day with whatever I have managed on it.


  1. I would go for a weekly thing personally. I found if you try for daily and don't manage it, you just end up feeling like crap about it whereas weekly is easier to manage.

    P.S. if you're not the world's best blogger, what does that make me?? I haven't done an update on mine since April!

  2. I am thinking of Monday to coincide with #miniaturemonday on Twitter, Wednesday for a post club update and a weekend one. Three a week should be achievable.